Relay all your best, worst and maybe frightening tales

Here we have composed some of the best stories that have featured either via email, through our website or through our Twitter page. Stories ranging from glee to sorrow to plain awkwardness is always a treat. Below you will find some story highlight's we found to be the best. And thank you to all involved for sharing your adventures with us.

Daniel Sweet, Birmingham, UK.
My lovely 5 year-old son finally was gifted his first bike. After many tumbles and falls it seems as though he may have finally come to terms with how to ride. After practicing from Friday (when it was purchased) until late Sunday night, Daniel felt ready to show everyone he could ride. He came bouncing back from nursery on Monday and his grandparent's came round to be shown his skills. After a nervous, sweaty-palm build up little Daniel built up his speed and unfortuantely, sneezed about 3 seconds into the ride, hit a rock and tumbled over the handle bars. Safe to say Daniel still blame's the 'bad sneezes' not his riding ability!

Kelsey Harper, Wyoming, USA.
My hubby and I always fantasized about going on a biking-retreat for our honeymoon but I never felt confident enough - so instead we lounged at the pool for 2 weeks! Cut to, our one year wedding anniversary and my husband buys me the best mountain bike ever and to celebrate we biked for 4 hours, stopping halfway for a lovely romantic picnic. One of the best days of my life (apart from the wedding ha!).

Michael Patrick, Washington, USA.
To celebrate 'Bicycle to Work Day' I decided that taking a bike, kitted out with a full Clif bar trolley would be most beneficial. Presenting the news for a living is exciting in itself, but rocking up to read the news accompanied with thousands of calories in energy bars was new.

Helen Moore and Daniel Brackens, Illinois, USA.
This is one of my favourite pictures of my now-finance and I. This was about 4 minutes after he popped the question during a biking-trek and I had sobered up the tears. Everytime we bike I get the same butterflies as that day.

Paul Whistler, Nottingham, UK.
Here is my lovely dad just after his 75th birthday! Still healthy, fit and loving biking. This photograph was taken in Switzerland which is where my partners jetted off to jointly-celebrate my fathers landmark birthday and my parent's 50 year wedding anniversary. Whenever I don't want to exercise or go on my bike, I remind myself how cool my dad is for his age. What a bloke!

James Hellensk-Myers, London, UK.
This was taken just after I finished a 450-mile trek across Europe. As all my photo's I don't look TOO happy but I can assure you I was buzzing and my legs, and entire body, were like jelly!

Vivienne Blake, Los Angeles, USA.
Here is my gorgeous Vivienne. She is only 3 and a half years old but already has her mini BMX. Her daddy hopes she will grow up to be a world-contender.... but he also thinks she would make a great line backer!