2016 to 2017 collection list of bikes.

DirectBikesForums™ has comprised a list of the most recommended bikes for consumer use with some brief descriptions, names and pictures regarding each individual bike. Below you can scroll through the tabs and view the collected list:

There are so many excellent and amazing bikes that sometimes it’s hard to choose the ideal one for your family. It gives you the insights of the best 2016-2017 bike guide that will guide you on the best bike to buy. Whether shopping for your first bike or just adding to the collection of ones you have, let’s check out on the MOUNTAINBIKE/BMX/ETC' bikes of 2016/2017

  • Tomasso Forcella Road Bike  •This bike has a solid set-up making it ideal for young generation and especially the college kids. It is designed to give perfect riding experience for the next ten years and its ideal for cross-training with reinforced components and reliable construction. Pros • It is lightweight • It comes with a carbon fiber for that helps in cancellation of vibration • It has a full-Claris driver train for exceptional reliability and consistency Cons • It also has a long stem • The bike has a fitting challenging.
  • Firmstrong Urban Lady   •Beach Cruiser Bicycle It’s one of the most elegant cruiser bikes on the market and comes in sixteen different colors, and it has two different wheel sizes and different numbers of gears. It’s a classic beauty with comfortable geometry that is made of pure steel making it super durable with aluminum alloy rims for general use bike. It is an easy to ride bike that is ideal for the whole family even kids Pros • It is comfortable due to its perfect handlebars and seats • It has the perfect balance • You can opt for fenders. Cons • It is quite hard to assemble for those who don’t have prior knowledge of bike assembling.
  •  Firmstrong Urban Man   •Beach Cruiser Bicycles This one of the most excellent bikes in the market since it is comfortable and durable. It is quite light, and it comes with a single 26 inches speed man alloy with aluminum 15-pound frames. The bike is easy to paddle and ideal for use on various surfaces and short distances rides. Pros • It is ideal for women and kids • The bikes features are quite comfortable • It has fenders that can be added • There is no assembling since it comes 80% assembled. Cons • The seat falls off when it’s not correctly fitted 
  • The Spawn Savage 2.0   •It is one of the best kid’s bikes in the market, and it has the ideal angles and proportions that give it a more significant look make it look suitable for grownups. It has SRAM drivetrain, stout 20 inches wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, sturdy alloy frames and 40mm suspension fork suspension. Pros • The bikes make the perfect ride to Bike Park, local pump track, and XC race. Cons • It’s not ideal for adults • It’s a costly bike 
  • Pure Fix Originals Fixed Gears   •Single speed Fixie Bike It is a straight fork manufactured bike with durable high tensile steel that is combined with flip-flop hub giving you a chance to enjoy fixed gear and giving comfort for the whole family. Pros • It has quickly removable front brakes that make it easy to assemble • It comes with KMC chain that gives it exceptional acceleration Cons • The pedals are quite flimsy making them easy to break • The seat is uncomfortable
  • Critical Cycles Harpers Singles     •Speed Fixed Urban Commuters Bikes The bike comes with fixed gear that is equipped with 30 mm thick pairs of v-rims for giving you shorter rides making it perfect for the whole family. Pros • The bike has toe overlap and a unique bar spin clearance for better experiences • It comes with the necessary tools making assembling easy Cons • Its tires are quite thin reducing its comfort 
  • SE Bikes Royal     •The royal has a classy look that is quite attractive making it useful for daily riding with an exceptional frame that has a pretty straight-forward setup. It also has a front fork that is carbon fiber. Pros • It has excellent shift levers that make it more durable • It comes with high-quality system Cons • The bike is a bit heavier
  • Vilano 21     •Speeds Road Bike The bike is ideal for all family members including kids since it quite durable and it’s lightweight with a wide selection of sizes. Pros • It comes with 050 trigger shifters providing good shifting sounds Cons • The bike needs constant maintenance The above bikes give you comfort and they are the best in the market and for your whole family.