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DirectBikesForums™ was created to allow fans of all types of bikes to have an online platform where they are able to connect with one another, and share their love of the vehicles. Our website has been re-launched to remain as simplistic as possible. By becoming a member you are able to share your experiences and keep up to date with the latest bikes - so you know exactly what to put in your wishlist! Whether you are novice or professional we have the perfect option for you.

Through our Twitter page we are also keen for fans to connect, explore and share with the world. Nowadays too few people enjoy getting outside and active. The humble bike was the staple in every child's early years. From fun memories learning to ride a bike, to the not-so-fun moments falling over. We believe at DirectBikesForums™ we need to reignite the world with the prior passion we all once had for bikes. 

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The bikes on our website/Twitter that we do sell are relatively cheaper as we cut out the middle man and deliver directly to the consumers. This means we are able to buy a large amount of high quality bikes at competitive figures.

A security lock is imperative and the chain locks come in diferent sizes and strengths.

We have a number of bikes on our social media pages and our own clients write their own experience's with the bikes. This means you are able to view a range of information and know if the bike is in scope to be perfect for you.

Any individual in Scotland, Wales and England can ride an electric-bike/stationary bike over the age of fourteen. 

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